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    An outgrowth of REAP’s work with black male students dating back to 2005 and serves as a “pull out” gender/culturally program to offer increased and specific interventions exclusive to black male...
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    An annual five-day leadership experience designed for students throughout the State of Oregon dating back to 2008. Students in grades 7-12 are empowered by various leadership training sessions, orations, activities and...
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    A year around leadership program that engages student voice among business and community leaders. Just $3 a day sponsors a student to participate in our Solutions Program that includes a 10...
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Students, Get Involved!

REAP has a 4-year graduation rate of 90% for 2013 in comparison to Oregon’s
4-year graduation rate for 2013 was 68.7%.

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REAP Mission

REAP’s mission is to proactively ignite, elevate and engage the next wave of leaders for the future now.


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The Future Is Now

REAP Ambassador

“REAP has made a difference in my life by empowering me to make a difference in myself, my community, and the world. No program in my school has provided me with the tremendous opportunities REAP has honored me with. I have been inspired through REAP to excel in whatever I aspire for, and even though I may be young, I have the strength and ability at this moment to make a difference in my community and even the world. I AM the future and the future is now.”

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