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Since 2001, REAP has emerged as one of the stellar youth development program models in the State of Oregon. Commonly known for its ability to engage students and develop their leadership potential, REAP has become an essential resource to many business leaders, educators elected officials, community advocates and parents to ensure students are college and career ready.


REAP’s mission is to proactively ignite, elevate and engage the next wave of leaders for the future now.

REAP Measures Success by:

  • Increase high school graduation rates
  • Reduce exclusionary discipline rates
  • Improve college/trade school enrollment rates
  • Creating business partnerships for job internships
  • Develop entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Advancing opportunities for civic engagement
  • School leadership engagement

REAP is a year around multicultural youth leadership program committed to empowering the next wave of leaders. REAP works with more than 600 students yearly, in grades seven through 12, who represent our most at-risk student population. Success is measured by their academic and personal growth. REAP is a proactive program that ignites, elevates and engages ALL students to be global leaders through civic engagement, entrepreneurship and cooperative management (conflict resolution) for a better future now.

REAP Touches Students Through:

  • In School – Leadership, cooperative management and individual
    success planning
  • After School – Curriculum focused on civic engagement,
    entrepreneurship, academic achievement & health
  • Leadership – Interface activities with elected officials, business
    leaders, educators and community advocates

Core Values

  • Provide students a window into their future
  • Elevate student voice
  • Empower student leaders with a global mindset
  • Develop innovation toward entrepreneurship
  • Engage students in cooperative management

Schools Served:

Aloha High School
Centennial High School
David Douglas High School
Madison High School
Boise Eliot/Humboldt K-8
Harrison Park Middle School
Ron Russell Middle School
Parklane Elementary
Oliver Elementary
Donald E. Long School

REAP Enrollment:

Students voluntarily enroll in REAP programs. Our services are accessed through the school, online or by referral.

We are World Changers

REAP is a global brand representing the voices and experiences of students who represent various countries across the world. It is their leadership that is shaping our future and changing the narrative on how our communities and public institutions engage student voice and invest in youth leadership potential. Note: Can the globe highlight its line plots to Africa, Romania, Mexico, Haiti, South America, Korea, China, USA. These are the geographic areas that represent the REAP brand.

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