Challenge: Academy of Leadership Innovations

An annual five-day leadership experience designed for students throughout the State of Oregon dating back to 2008. Students in grades 7-12 are empowered by various leadership training sessions, orations, activities and career readiness opportunities aimed at developing leadership skills on how to unleash individual and collective creativity to build toward the future with innovation.

Your investment of $150 will sponsor one student to participate in our weeklong summer Challenge: Academy of Leadership Innovations. Students enjoy recreation activities such as bowling, swimming, video games, basketball, awards ceremony and the opportunity to win a college scholarship. Participants who complete the program will earn high school proficiency credit and an internship.

Challenge Conference is a day set aside for students to learn skills that will help improve their lives. It is designed to create a culture of student leadership that builds from the success of the past, responds to the challenges of the present and embraces the possibilities of the future. Challenge occurs on school campuses during the day.

“I kept asking myself how it was possible that after one day I changed my character for the good of the world. I learned that being a leader meant more than just showing people something new, but it meant changing your environment and making it a place where you’d want to live. I learned that making a difference that could affect the future in a positive way was a good thing to live for”

– REAP Student,
Challenge: Academy of Leadership Innovations