Support the Next Wave of Leaders

We would like to thank you for taking the time to support our mission as we work to Engage, Elevate, Ignite the Next Wave of Leaders for the Future Now.


REAP is a year around multicultural youth leadership program committed to empowering the next wave of leaders. REAP works with more than 600 students yearly, in grades seven through 12, who represent our most at-risk student population. Success is measured by their academic and personal growth. Below is a video featuring students from David Douglas High School, speaking about a recent project that measured the school climate at David Douglas High School.



Just $3 a day sponsors a student to participate in our Solutions Program that includes a 10 month leadership curriculum, a series of interactive leadership trainings led by nationally & locally renowned leaders. Leadership development is the focus of Solutions, augmented by applied learning approaches emphasizing writing, speaking, reading, and inquiry.

“I must give REAP an extreme amount of credit… for giving me the opportunity to stop dreaming and start living. To encourage me to choose seats in the front verses the back of the room, to start raising my hand in class, to stand up for ideas I believed in and challenge those I did not. Because of REAP I found my voice”

Kendahl Batiste, REAP Alumnus, Class of 2006

“REAP has made a difference in my life by empowering me to make a difference in myself, my community, and the world. I have been inspired through REAP to excel in whatever I aspire for, and even though I may be young, I have the strength and ability at this moment to make a difference in my community and even the world. I AM the future and the future is now”

Hawwi Chako, REAP Alumnus, Class of 2013