Our Results

Academic Empowerment

  • Our students see a 4-year graduation rate of 97% (compared to Oregon’s 68.7% and Multnomah County School Districts’ 66.6%)
  • Our students see an 80% college enrollment rate (compared to Oregon’s 61%)
  • Schools that operate our Reflections program see a 33% decrease in disciplinary referrals

Professional Development

  • Our students gain hands-on experience through internships and committee work for organizations like the Oregon Department of Education, Legacy Health, Metro, TriMet, and Multnomah County Youth Commission
  • REAP partnered with Travel Portland to host an inaugural Tourism & Hospitality Industry Youth Summit, which allowed students to work alongside business professionals evaluating the barriers and opportunities to attract and retain ethnically diverse talent in the region

Civic Engagement

  • 2015: Over 40 REAP students were invited to share public testimony before the Oregon House of Representative Education Committee. The students offered recommendations to reduce racial discipline disparity rates, which included advocating for more teachers of color and increased funding for community-based programs to support students in need during and after school.
  • 2014: REAP hosted a black male student lobby day at the State Capitol, allowing over 20 students to participate in the House of Representative Opening Ceremony and engage in a roundtable discussion with legislators and panel presentations from the education and human services & housing committee.
  • 2013: Over 300 high school students were engaged in a student-led City of Portland Mayor Debate that was hosted by REAP
  • 2010: REAP and Metro partnered to create student-led forums providing recommendations for improving government services to the community to Metro Councilors
  • 2009: REAP was invited by Susan Castillo (Superintendent of Public Education at the Oregon Department of Education) to facilitate a student panel presentation on teaching and learning best practices for the Directors of the Office of Educational Improvement & Innovation
  • 2008: The mayor chose REAP to co-host a week of mayoral staff operations and community forums at Jefferson High School, which brought together elected officials, community advocates, business leaders, and educators to better address educational concerns of students

Cultural Education

  • REAP partnered with the Portland State University Black Studies Department to develop and implement a black studies elective course at Grant High School. The goal of the program was to close the achievement gap and increase teacher cultural proficiency. West View High School and Lincoln High School later adopted the program as well.